Welcome to the Exotoxic Records website! While we do still run the recording studio, we’ve shifted our focus  on this site and now talk mainly about the world’s greatest records. These are the albums and pieces that make a lasting impact on anyone who listens to them.

We will also have some tutorials and tips for people striving to be musicians. The focus will be on helping people improve their singing though singing lessons or on their own. Occasionally, we will also post about running a music studio.

At his point, let me take a moment to address the “listen” part. Too often today we just listen to a track or two and even then, we don’t really listen. In the past, we would get a new album and take an hour to sit down and listen to the whole thing. We did nothing else during that time. We simply focused on the music.

When you do that, you get a much deeper appreciation for the music and, more importantly, you let it seep into your being and leave a lasting impression. If at all possible, that is how we should listen to music. At least to the music that deserves that level of attention.

And that is exactly the kind of music we will focus on on this website. Music from people like Carl Orff or Bob Dylan. People like that.

So once again, welcome! Have a look around and leave a comment or drop us a line on our contact page if you have any advice, suggestions or comments.