New Security System For Our Music Recording Studio

Security camera keeps equipment secure

These days I almost exclusively talk about great musical artists on this site. I do occasionally publish some articles to give tips and advice on enjoying music. I am a big fan of vinyl record players, so most of these articles will focus on turntables, their care and their use.

But many of you know that we are still a record company. We produce records and we market them. This means that we have a recording studio. Now this is a small recording studio. It is nothing like the giant studios and the famous studios that are used to create some of these great records I feature on the site, like Bob Dylan or Carl Orff.

Inside a recording studio

Our recording studio is fairly small, but it still houses a lot of expensive equipment. For that reason I decided to also start writing some articles on running a recording studio, what goes into one, and how to ensure everything works smoothly.

A big factor for that is security. The reason I’m writing this now is that I recently upgraded to a new security system. It was a very expensive Lorex home security system that includes multiple cameras and everything you need to run and monitor them.

It cost a lot, but it is a state of the art system and is a huge upgrade from what we previously had. We also added door and window sensors and motion detectors. These allow us to keep the studio and all the equipment inside secure.

Security camera keeps equipment secure

It is not just the musical equipment. We’ve also got a small grow room where we grow herbs. Okay, I’m sure you know that that means marijuana. We grow marijuana. To grow it indoors, you need grow lights and those are quite expensive. So you can add that to the musical equipment for things that we really try to protect from intruders.

The new Lorex security system and the many security cameras make it so that the studio is never not guarded. It is always being watched. We can monitor all of the camera feeds remotely on a smart phone app, too. That means we can be far away from the studio, but still keep an eye on things.

Whenever a camera or a motion detector detects any sort of movement, it sends us an alert on the app. Then we can quickly check the camera feeds and see what is going on. We can also alert the authorities, if need be.

In addition to allowing us to monitor all our security cameras live, all of the feeds are also recorded. These recordings are great in case of an intrusion, because we can give them to the police as evidence. It greatly speeds up them catching anyone and returning our equipment.

Not only that, having a state-of-the-art home security system complete with cameras also means that our insurance goes down. We no longer need to pay as much to insure all of our equipment, because we can show that we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our equipment is not stolen.

If you have your own recording studio or are thinking of opening one, you should definitely budget for a security system from the start. Because you will be buying expensive equipment to put in your recording studio, you need to make sure that equipment is protected.

Even if it is insured, losing it can set you back in terms of time. Besides, the money you save on insurance pays for the cost of the security system very quickly. I believe we made that money back in a few months.

Now that I have seen how a security system like this works, I have decided to also get one for my home. I really like it and I think it’s a great thing and even though it is expensive, it is nowhere near as expensive as you might think. You can get the whole thing for less than $1000 and that is definitely a worthwhile investment to protect your business, your home and your family.