Vinyls Rock and Dylan Rocked Vinyls

Bob Dylan with Joan Baez

Just hearing a vinyl record can bring some music lovers to theirs knees. It is something about that real, true grit sound wailing from the speakers. Records have earned their special place in classic music history. More often then not, modern day recording studios are filled with thousands of dollars of audio sound equipment, along with some individual paid thousands of dollars, who is trained in making audio changes digitally.

Vinyl records were recorded in studios where digital technology simply did not exist. This is why an artist had to actually have talent. Not only a voice to sing with, but literally a brain . They had to rely upon their own words, their own lyrics, and songs, which is why some music aficionados believe the art of music died when digital studios replaced the necessity for talent .

Bob Dylan with Joan Baez
Bob Dylan singing with Joan Baez

Bob Dylan: poet, lyricist, song-writer and humanitarian/ These are just a few basic nouns to sum up the life of a this great man. Bod Dylan possessed the raw, natural talent necessary to succeed in the music industry during his lifetime. This great man has sold thousands of records. He has played countless sold out crowds. However, just like many poetic, literary greats of his time, he was misunderstood by many.

This was because he put his heart and soul into every word he wrote. Love, hate, and passion flew from his mouth and straight to paper. At first, people saw his lyrics as poetry, not as music. However, that is and forever will be what made Bod Dylan, Dylan. He had something to say about the sad state the world was in and did not care what people thought about him in the process. All he knew was that he had a passion for humanity, a passion for the art of music and poetry. He was going to use that any way he could.


2016 Noble Peace Prize

This man of heart and steel, deserved every bit of his earned title of a noble peace prize winner in literature. The times definitely were a’ changing . During the 1960’s, some of the most influential human rights movements had already begun. Black men and black women were being beaten, slaughtered and burned just to earn the right to vote. The Vietnam war was taking sons, brothers, and fathers. People had enough and began to protest in the streets and through walk outs and sit ins on college campus lawns.

Words from Dylan and others like him let people know they were not alone. Their words also soothed their weary souls and gave them a chance, through music, to persevere, to keep going when food was scarce and money was even more scarce and to convince each other that people had to start helping to take care of each other in times of need.

We, not as a nations, but as human beings, had to learn humility, respect, and how to be humane with everyone.

The intriguing thing is, when Bob Dylan found out that he had won the Noble Prize, he was first quite troubled at accepting the prize altogether. The New York times called him rude and disrespectful for this potential possibility. But, you have to understand the heart and soul of this truly humble, humane man to respect his decision. He never wrote to help himself, nor to make money. He wrote to help a struggling generation of people become better individuals.